Our Connections

What do I mean by "connections"? Connections are those vital links we must make between ourselves, our environment and our aspirations. When I meet students for the first time, I find that often their connections are "broken": they are confused, full of self-doubt and plagued by negative images of themselves and their world. No one can achieve any meaningful goal with broken connections! Therefore, our approach is NOT JUST TUTORING! In fact, tutoring is the least of what we are about here at TFE. We are concerned with making these broken connections function again. How do we do this? We reveal his or her own potential to our students. We show them that they can succeed and even excel! If they have been bullied or discouraged at school, we show them how powerful they really are and we help them develop strategies to cope with negative situations. Little by little, I see small flickers of hope and confidence beginning to shine through. I help the student build upon these positive developments until, wow, he or she begins to believe in the ability to succeed! I work with parents to help them find and use resources that will reinforce these positive elements in their child's spirit. Conferences with teachers and counselors help make us more aware about what's happening at school. This information is vital and will make the child's tutorials more beneficial. I refer the family to a competent professional to diagnose a specific symptom that is interfering with the student's ability to learn. I help the family locate an alternative learning situation that will offer the best environment for their child's success. Always my focus is on the wonderful gift all children are and what a wonderful thing it is to see a disheartened and discouraged child blossom and become a vibrant and energized human being. I offer excellent academic tutoring and life skills classes at TFE and I take great pride in our talented and experienced staff. By working together to re-establish life connections, we help our students open up their full potential and discover the joy in life again. We save lives.