From Our Graduates

Letters from Clients

 Letter Received Jan 11, 2011

It has been my pleasure to know Carol Levin as a friend and as a co-worker for many years. She has always been unbelievably committed and determined to build not only children’s minds, but adults as well. She does this by knowing exactly how each person learns; she knows that each of us does not fit one mold, thus performing each the same. Carol has tutored my son many times during elementary and high school and now as an adult. Over the past year Zachary has been studying to get his State Irrigation License, which requires passing four separate parts of testing in Hydraulics, Backflow Prevention, Design and Installation. Carol and her staff at Tutorials for Excellence were ready and willing to take on the process of helping Zachary put his hands on physical knowledge, and relate it all to the material/context of the test. Zachary passed his test with outstanding scores a couple of weeks ago! We are so thankful for Carol and her staff and how they approach each individual learner to be the best they can be. Passing this test will open many doors for Zachary in his future. Thank you again Carol and Tutorials for Excellence


Cheryl and Zachary Manning

Letter received Jan 10, 2011

Hi Carol, I want to let you know how pleased I am with the progress you’ve made with David. Thank goodness we came to you to help him prepare for the language and writing portions of the SAT! When we looked at SAT prep options, we thought that one-on-one instruction was best for him. After working with you, I know we made the right choice.

  • While you worked with him on sample grammar questions, you figured out that he didn’t learn the fundamentals in grade school! In a short while, you’ve taught him a lot. I can’t wait for him to take the SAT again! Based on the sample questions he’s now getting right compared to when y’all started, he’s certain to score much higher this time.
  • While you worked with him on essay writing, you taught him strategies and gave him the self confidence to express himself much better. He now includes more supporting reasons and examples. You’ve started him on the path of reversing many years of him thinking that “he can’t write”.

Please also know, that in addition to being grateful for your technical instruction, I enjoyed listening to you work with him. You were so consistent with your positive comments and reinforcement, with never a negative word or reprimand. When he got something wrong, I only heard a “that’s OK”. You never said anything else, or, more importantly, never communicated negativity or disappointment in your tone of voice. And, when he got something right, I heard many variations of “that’s super”, or “good job”.

With sincere thanks and much affection,

Kim Miller (aka David’s Mom)

We received this e-mail from one of our parents in April 2009:

"Hi, Carol.....Ever since you were [our daughter's] tutor, I feel that you have always been the underlying inspiration to [her] You built up her confidence level and she strives to accomplish a goal whatever comes her way....I honestly feel she would not be where she is today without you! You made such a difference in her life and I will always thank you for that."

From a letter received in 2005:

"I would like to take this opportunity to say what a blessing Carol Levin has been in our lives. My daughter began seeing Carol back in 2001 due to a problem with short term memory. With Carol's caring and guidance, my daughter has been able to maintain A's and B's throughout her school years.

Carol has helped my family in so many ways. Not only does she help my daughter with her studies, but also she attends the ARD meeting with me at school. With Carol's assistance, we have been able to get my child the extra help that she needs. If I had attended the ARD's alone I would have never known the right questions to ask or even what was available for my child. For that I am extremely grateful to Carol.

Carol has become much more than a tutor for our child, she has also become a family friend.

NOTE: This student has since "graduated" from Tutorials for Excellence and has been continuing her studies successfully in public school. This is an example of our philosophy: when students can get along without us makes us proud, even though we miss seeing them.

From a letter received in 2001 from another TFE "graduate":

I just wanted to send you a note on how grateful we are for the work you have done with [our son]. He has simply "blossomed" during this first half of his first grade class year. As you remember, the school wanted to hold him back in kindergarten, even though he had a late birthday. He is 7 years old and it would be setting him back tremendously to be placed in class with 5 year olds. His self-esteem was definitely on the line. In the beginning, he felt very sad because he could not read like the other children in his class and did not want to go to school. He cried a few times about feeling "stupid". I cannot tell you how glad we were for him and now, in just a short time, you have helped him to completely turn things around!

He looks forward to going to school and reading to the class. His grades in all areas are ranging in the high A's. This is from failing grades just 3 months prior! Last week he came home with six 100's!

I'm glad that you were there when we really needed the support. I'm glad that I stuck it out and did not follow the school's advice on placing him back into kindergarten. His timetable was not their timetable, but with your guidance, he has become a very smart guy!

The smile on his face is priceless!

Thank you Carol for believing in [our son] as much as we do and for helping all of us through the first grade hurdle!