Standardized Tests

Elementary to High School

  • ARD (Admit Review Dismissal- Tests kids who have special education needs, i.e. learning disabilities.
  • HSPT & COOP (Catholic High School Entrance Exam)– Grammar, reading comprehension and math.
  • ISSE– Verbal and quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension and math achievement.

College Prepatory

  • PSAT (Pre-SAT) - A preliminary test taken before the SAT to establish a baseline.
  • SAT (Stanford Achievement Test) - The newly revised SAT places heavy emphasis on writing and grammar skills.
    It includes math and critical reading.
  • ACT - The American College Testing Assessment Program includes English, math, reading and source reasoning.
  • AP - (Advanced Placement) testing – all levels.
  • AP - (Advanced Placement) - History
  • AP - (Advanced Placement) - English
  • AP - (Advanced Placement)- Math
  • AP - (Advanced Placement)- Science
  • AP - (Advanced Placement)- Psychology
  • STAAR - (new test) - Tested on all knowledge


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