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Math, language arts, & testing by level:

ELEMENTARY - Phonics, oral reading, writing, handwriting, reading comprehension, creative writing, spelling and grammar, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions, strategies for solving word problems.

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Study strategies, phonics, oral reading, writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, Spanish, ISEE and HSPT, fractions, decimals and percents, pre algebra, "real world" and "word" problems, science and history, organizational skills.

HIGH SCHOOL - Study strategies, reading comprehension, writing skills, auditory processing, world  history, science, chemistry and physics, Spanish, ACT, SAT, Algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, elementary analysis, pre-calculus, organizational skills, credit by exam remediation (We follow the Texas Tech program.) Cornell Note Taking System and Mind Mapping.

POST HIGH SCHOOL - College algebra, calculus, physics, chemistry, writing, English, psychology, sociology, essay writing, marketing & business management for freshman & sophomores.